Our Company

Chuck Roe founded Pyramid Construction in 1980. In those early days, Chuck found himself filling in on the framing crew and helping out with everything from pouring concrete to putting the last coat of paint on a new house. Today, Chuck leads a team of ten professionals and can point with pride to more than 150 local examples of homes built by Pyramid.

Pyramid has earned a reputation for well-crafted homes of distinguished design. Pyramid was recognized as the Builder of the Custom Home of the Year by the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce in 1988 for its construction of the innovative Thornhill Residence in north Davis. In 1990, a prestigious Merit Award was presented to Pyramid by the Pacific Coast Builders' Conference for the same project. Pyramid continues to design and build some of Davis's most noteworthy custom homes, which include the former mayor's Wild Rose House and the Metheny Residence.

Pyramid also has a distinguished record in multi-home developments. The Northstar Twenty-Five Home Project showcased outstanding architectural variation and unparalleled quality for a multi-home project. In 1995, Pyramid was selected by the University of California at Davis to develop, design, and build Aggie Village. This faculty neighborhood of 37 homes at the downtown entrance to Davis was designed to compliment the character of the adjacent core area and has received an enthusiastic response from the community.

Pyramid Construction is a local firm with a commitment to the community. Pyramid designed and built the pavilion in Davis's Central Park that houses the "Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze," which benefits the Davis Educational Foundation. Pyramid donated the original improvements and the more recent remodeling of the "All Things Right and Relevant" thrift stores, whose proceeds go to local mental health organizations. Pyramid has also made major contributions to the building of the Davis Art Center, the Rainbow City play structure, and structures and exhibits at the California Raptor Center.

There have been many changes since 1980, but Pyramid's uncompromising standards of quality, design, honesty, and fairness remain the same. That is why, today, Pyramid Construction is recognized as the premier custom home builder in Davis.

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